The documents offered over the Internet are not provided by an attorney. If you read the disclaimers, you will see they disclaim all responsibility or liability. In the video for one of the most well-known of these do-it-yourself Wills, it states that 80% of people will fill in the blanks incorrectly attempting to create the legal documents. These web sites will try to give you a false sense of security. The documents are “cookie cutter” guides to fit the general situations, with no special provisions for your individual situation.

Please read the “What You Should Expect at the First Meeting Regarding a Will or Trust” section to understand what Wieber Green, PC, will do for you.

There is an old saying about a person who tried to write his/her own Will: “That person, who saves the expense of an attorney at the time the Will is drawn, often will create work for at least two attorneys when he/she dies.”

We at Wieber Green, PC, provide personalized service with documents tailored for your specific situation. We are also available to answer questions and help with problems, and we are here to help the family in the event of your incapacity or death.