First, there is no fee for the first meeting for new clients who come in to discuss their Wills and/or Revocable Living Trusts.


At the meeting, we will discuss your present situation and what hopes and plans you have regarding your family and your estate plan. Some of the matters that will be discussed are:

  • Do you have any charitable amounts to be given?
  • Do you have a specific dollar amount to be given to an individual?
  • Who will receive your tangible personal property?
  • Who will receive the remainder of your assets and in what proportion?
  • Are any of the beneficiaries or contingent beneficiaries too young to manage their shares? If so, you may establish a Trust that continues after your death to manage the assets until the beneficiary attains the age you select.
  • Who will handle the financial matters when you cannot do so? The financial positions include the Trustee of the Living Trust, the Personal Representative in the Will, and the Agent named in the Financial Power of Attorney. Who will be the backup?
  • Who will be named in the Medical Power of Attorney to make medical decisions for you when you are unable to do so? Who will be the backup?
  • Who will be named as Guardian for your minor children? Who will be the backup?
  • Is a Trust needed to protect assets for a beneficiary who is unable to manage money, receiving “needs-based benefits” or has financial problems?

Additional matters may be discussed depending upon your situation and your wishes and plans.