Administration of a Will is to complete the Probate Process with Probate Court supervision after your death. The Probate Process includes such things as:

  • Admission of the Will to Probate.
  • Appointment of the Personal Representative.
  • Determine the debts of the deceased and which debts will be paid.
  • Protect and Care for assets during the time of the Estate Administration.
  • Determine if there is sufficient insurance on the assets, and if not, acquire sufficient insurance.
  • Determine the assets subject to the Probate Process.
  • Sell the assets that must be sold.
  • File all income taxes that are due.
  • Distribute the assets to the beneficiaries who are entitled to the assets.

John E. Wieber administered his first Probate Estate in 1973 when he worked with the Trust Department at a Lansing Bank. He has administered or provided legal counsel to the Personal Representatives for hundreds of Estates since that time and has dealt with numerous different situations.

If there is a problem with the administration of an Estate and litigation is necessary, Wieber Green, PC, has the experience to help resolve the problem.